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Rail Wagon Service

Standardized customer-specific maintenance programs are carefully implemented and fully documented. We are also happy to develop the right maintenance program for your requirements and needs.

STAG is specialized in bulk freight rail wagons of all kinds. We are happy to process the following types of wagons in our workshop for overhauls and/or repairs.

UCS – UACS – UACNS – FACCS – FACCNS – FALS – Bulk material - Returnable container

For other types of wagons you can contact us without obligation.

Essential Information


  • all welding operations are ensured by appropriate service agents
  • visual inspection VT1 and VT2



  • interior cleaning bulk freight wagon dry
  • high performance-vacuum cup for residual discharge of bulk material
  • exterior cleaning wet all wagon classes


Spare Parts Management

  • rebuildings on Rail Wagon Components, e.g. loosening, unloading systems etc.
  • repairs of components / armatures, e.g. butterfly valves
  • all components for all relevant fittings / armatures at STAG AG in stock
CSC Zertifikat_0.PDF(PDF, 0.22 MB)
Technical Data
Our services
  • repairs in our workshop (G1.0 repairs on-site - mobile operations G3.0)
  • revision substructure (G4.0, G4.2, G4.3)
  • braking tests (BR 0 / 2 / 3)
  • brake block replacement, brakes hoses replacement
  • dome cover seals replacement
  • wheel set maintenance (IS0; IS1, IS2 external)
  • revision bogies – chassis (D 2 / D 3)
  • revision - control superstructure (containers P5)
  • inspection and revision of bulk material-container (CSC audited)
  • laquerings and labelings
  • indoor and outdoor cleaning
  • water separator replacement, cleaning, filling
  • all armatures and connector components replacement, incl. 3 –way ball valve
  • manometer replacement
  • buffers and draw-gears replacement
  • all greasing workds incl. buffer
  • small repairs and labelings
Measurement and Testing Technology
  • brake testing - Pdr 7/Pdr 5 with automated standard protocol // Pdr 1  ideal for mobile use as well
  • dimensioning of bogies - 3D measurement with automated Standard protocol
  • dimensioning wheel sets - laser measurement with automated Standard protocol
  • leak tests – pressure vessel incl. piping (G 1.0)
  • pressure testing (4.2 / 4.0)
  • ISO 9001 - quality management certificate
  • VPI - maintenance guidelines:2019
  • ECM EU VO 445  - executing workshop for maintenance and repair of rolling stock
  • DIN EN 15085-2 - welding of railway wagons and wagon components (DL- external)
  • OHSAS 18001 - safety at work
  • CSC - inspection and maintenance on returnable containers
Appropriate Topics
WtE Hagenholz (ERZ)

In the waste-to-energy power plant Hagenholz, the overall bulk material handling in the area of boiler and flue gas cleaning, ash washing as well as dry slagging has been installed by STAG.


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Turn Slide Valve Rail Wagons and Trucks

The truck turn slide valve and its weatherproof cover form a unit, which can be built into new or existing aluminium or steel bulk material containers (min. Ø 2400 mm).


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Mobile Lime/Cement Transport and Dosing Facility / Liebherr Nenzing

In 2009, Liebherr-Werke Nenzing GmbH invited STAG to develop and produce a customised solution for pneu-matic disposal of a lime/cement mixture into the drill ground.

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