Power Plant Costa Rica

In this diesel-fired power plant, exhaust air is cleaned by means of two electric filters. Respectively two trough chain conveyors per filter serve for evacuating the ash. For each line, a collecting trough chain conveyor is provided receiving the ash. From there, the ash is transferred to the truck loading station.

To prevent false air from being aspirated via the trough chain conveyors, a sluice has been incorporated between the collecting and the subsequently mounted trough chain conveyor.

The control air is processed by means of two screw compressors.

Essential Information

Applied Main Components
•    Trough chain conveyor
•    Silo vehicle loading facility
•    Control air processing

•    Trough chain conveyor situated underneath filters may be rinsed with water.

•    Hamon     Research-Cottrell s.a.


Technical Information
Performance Data
Systems Conveying rate Conveying distance
Mechanical ash transport with trough chain conveyor 1.0 per line 65 m
Silo vehicle loading 1.4 t/h -
  • Mechanical conveying
  • Silo vehicle loading facility
Bulk Material
Bulk material Grain size Moisture content Bulk density Temperature Property
Electric filter ash 100% < 1mm dry 0.4 t/m³ 250 °C -
Appropriate Topics
Chain Conveyor

Chain conveyor are continuous conveyors and are suited for the conveyance of bulk products of all kind up to small-sized products and sludges.

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Refinery Recife (Brazil)

Modernisation of the refinery Petrobras based in Northern Brazil and installation of a new flue gas cleaning facility were carried out at the beginning of 2010. As to the conveying technology, the general contractor opted for the Swiss quality provided by STAG.


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Rebuild- and Modernisation

New legal requirements, specific customer requirements or the need to modernize the system are just a few preconditions for which it is worthwile to contact STAG Service. All over decades built up experience in plant construction are at your disposal.

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