Refinery Recife (Brazil)

Modernisation of the refinery Petrobras based in Northern Brazil and installation of a new flue gas cleaning facility were carried out at the beginning of 2010. As to the conveying technology, the general contractor opted for the Swiss quality provided by STAG.


At the headquarters in Maienfeld, STAG preassembled eight pressure conveying vessels ensuring the pneumatic ash removal and provided them with a heating system according to ATEX guidelines. Afterwards, these pressure conveying vessels were prepared for shipping to Brazil. STAG was also in charge of the configuration, engineering and detailing of the entire piping system. The production of the individual pipe segments took place in Brazil on the basis of STAG’s design drawings.


After the assembly carried our by the customer, a STAG service technician commissioned and delivered the conveying systems to the satisfied customer.

Essential Information

Applied Main Components
•    Pressure conveying vessel  
•    Engineering for conveying lines
•    Diverter pots

•    ASME; American Society of Mechanical Engineers
•    Configuration pursuant to ATEX

•    Hamon Research-Cottrell s.a.

Technical Information
Performance Data
Systems Conveying rate Conveying distance
Electric filter ash removal (per 4 pressure con-veying vessel) 8x 0.25 t/h 35 m
  • Pneumatic electric filter ash removal
Bulk material
Bulk material Grain size Moisture content Bulk density Temperature Property
Electric filter ash from diesel combustion 0.5 - 200 µm < 0.2 % 0.5 t/m³ 200 °C abrasive
Appropriate Topics
Steuerung Schubsender

Die STAG Steuerung Performance/Advanced ist für den Betrieb einer pneumatischen Dichtstromförderung mittels Schubsender konzipiert.

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Dense Phase Pipe "DenseFlow"

In conventional conveyances of powdered bulk materials through smooth pipes, the irregularity of the flow rises with the increasing pipe length. This in turn, increases the wear of the system.


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Pressure Conveying Vessel

The pressure conveying vessel is used by STAG when it comes to challenging tasks, high conveying rates and long con-veying distances. This pneumatic conveying application using the dense flow method combines energy-optimised conveying processes with perfect operational safety.

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