Refinery Gelsenkirchen

In Gelsenkirchen, BP is running refinery and petrochemical plants in the city districts Horst and Scholven.
As a specialist company, STAG has been entrusted to supply the conveying systems and components ensuring the removal of catalyst dust of the newly built FCC plant.


The catalyst dust is separated in the electric filter and fed into the storage silo using pneumatic conveying technology.

For the evacuation of the catalyst dust from the storage silo in order to fill it into silo vehicles, a loading facility is used.  
The dust removal plant has been successfully put into operation in 2007. Since that time, STAG supports BP by providing service operations and supplying the necessary spare and wear parts.

Essential Information

Applied Main Components
•    Rotary vane feeders
•    Pressure conveying vessel  
•    Dense phase conveying line
•    Silo with portal including equipment
•    Silo vehicle loading facility

•    Plant in refinery and petrochemistry

•    Rhur Oel GmbH – BP Gelsenkirchen

Technical Information
Performance Data
Systems Conveying rate Conveying distance
Pneumatic catalyst dust conveying 0.07 t/h 40 m
  • Pneumatic electric filter ash removal
  • Dense phase conveying line
  • Ash storage
  • Silo vehicle loading facility
Bulk Material
Bulk Material Grain size Moisture content Bulk density Temperature Property
Catalyst dust < 10 µm trocken 0.5 t/h 200 °C brasive, free-flowing
Appropriate Topics
Pressure Conveying Vessel

The pressure conveying vessel is used by STAG when it comes to challenging tasks, high conveying rates and long con-veying distances. This pneumatic conveying application using the dense flow method combines energy-optimised conveying processes with perfect operational safety.

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Turn Slide Valve MVP

The one-sided sealing turn slide valve has been especially designed for pneumatic conveying as part of the STAG pressure conveying vessel technology. No other system can satisfy the high demands of this application.

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Ash Removal Coal-fired Power Plant Turceni (RO)

STAG has been entrusted by Romelectro to provide the coal-fired power plant in Turceni, Romania, with pneumatic ash transport systems for the boilers 4 & 5.


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