The mechanical discharge aid „Silex“ is used for conveying poor flowing and not fluidizable bulk products. It is incorporated into round or angular-shaped silos, bunkers and containers.


The low overall height and its simple mode of operation usually allow for subsequent installation into existing silos an containers without the need for major conversion work

Essential Information


  • More than 50 put into place

Special Characteristics – Application (USP)    

  • Connection size DN350 and DN600
  • Connection dimensions discharge DN200 – DN600
  • Low overall height
  • Closed, dustproof design
  • Temperature-resistant up to 200°C
  • Designed for unlimited silo dimensions
  • Easily retrofittable
Technical Specifications
Appropriate Topics

STAG setzt bei der Fluidisierung schüttgutspezifische Bauweisen ein.

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Fluidrinnen werden in Silos oder Bunker eingesetzt, wo schwer fließende Schüttgüter gelagert werden. Die Fluidrinne wird mit leichter Neigung verlegt, und dank der großflächigen Belüftung werden auch schwer fließende Produkte problemlos ausgetragen.

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ARA Bendern

In connection with the modernisation of the sewage sludge treatment system, STAG has been charged with the provision of all conveying technology and bulk material storage facilities on behalf of ARA Bendern (association of Liechtenstein communes for waster water treatment).


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