Coarse Particle Separator with Vertical Blinds

Coarse particle separators are used in mechanical conveying processes of bulk products in order to eliminate larger particles (impurities). The benefits are an improved operational safety of the conveying system, which can be reduced in size after the coarse particle separator. It is possible to incorporate a CPS in an open or closed (dustproof) conveying system. Depending on the respective installation situation, the CPS can be upgraded by vertical blinds serving to minimise the separation of the fine particles part.

Essential Information

•    3 coarse particle separators (1pc. KEZO, 2 pcs. ERZ)
•    All 3 CPA have been upgraded with vertical blinds

Special Characteristics – Application (USP)    
•    Customer-specific solution (construction, dimensions, design, output)
•    Adjustable rods (degree of separation)
•    Dynamic version including an unbalance motor, inclination 5°
•    Static version without unbalance motor, inclination >30° Additional option vertical blinds:
•    Customer-specific solution (construction, dimensions, design)
•    Simple construction
•    Wear parts easily exchangeable

•    Waste-to-energy power plants / thermal waste treatment
•    Energy and power plant industry
•    Recycling
•    Many special solutions

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