WtE Vantaa

In 2014, a new waste-to-energy power plant equipped with two lines was built in Vantaa, Finland. The two general contractors for boilers and flue gas cleaning opted for conveying technology made by STAG. Thereby, the 10th plant fitted with STAG systems and components on Scandinavian soil was launched.


STAG mounted the standard combination composed of a mechanical conveying system using a trough chain conveyor, a treatment facility based on the impact mill and the subsequent pneumatic conveying facility using a pressure conveying vessel. STAG was furthermore entrusted the engineering and delivery of the slag handling system.  


Two coarse particle separators presenting an integrated two-way deflector convey the slag, after the ram slag extractor, to two redundant conveyor belts.  These conveyor belts are covered over their entire length with an extraction hood and are provided with a drip pan at certain critical points.


Essential Information

Applied Main Components
•    Coarse sieve separator including deflector
•    Conveyor belts
•    Trough chain conveyor
•    Impact mill
•    Pressure conveying vessel

•    Slag handling with coarse sieve separator

•    Hitachi Zosen Inova
•    LAB Groupe CNIM
•    Vantaan Energia Oy


Technical Information
Performance Data
Systems Conveying rate Conveying distance
Slag handling 12 t/h 50 m
Boiler ash removal 2./3. pass 1.0 t/h 15 m
Boiler ash removal horizontal pass 2.0 t/h 90 m
Electric filter ash removal 2.0 t/h 90 m
Fabric filter ash removal 4 x 2.0 t/h 60 m
  • Slag discharge
  • Mechanical and pneumatic boiler and electric filter ash removal
  • Fabric filter ash removal
Bulk Material
Bulk material Grain size Moisture content Bulk density Temperature Property
Boiler ash 2./3. passg Fine with lumps - 0.25 t/m³ 650 °C abrasive
Boiler ash removal horizontal pass fine to coarse - 0.4 t/m³ 400 °C abrasive
Elektrofilter-Asche fine - 0.4 t/m³ 200 °C abrasive
Residues from fabric filter very fine dry 0.5 t/m³ 150 °C abrasive
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Coarse Particle Separator with Vertical Blinds

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Repair Machines

We are happy to carry out the necessary revision of replaced machine components. Send us your aggregate to Maienfeld and we will inspect and revise it. Experienced mechanics and plant and apparatus engineers inspect the unit.

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