Refinery Le Havre

Following heavy fuel combustion in the refinery of Exxon Mobil, three electric filters separate the arising ash.                           

Underneath each electric filter, six pressure conveying vessels are mounted, transporting the ash via a common conveying line into a silo. Thus, conveyance of the complete ash by means of three conveying lines is ensured. STAG Triplex nozzles serve as silo discharge system. A truck loading facility fed the ash into trucks.

The configuration of the plant conforms to Exxon Mobil regulations, and the system is controlled by means of a STAG control.

Essential Information

Applied Main Components

  • Pressure conveying vessel
  • Control System
  • Silo vehicle loading facility


  • ExxonMobil Chemical France / HAMON RESEARCH COTTRELL
  • EFACEC Ambiente, S.A.
Technical Information
  • Pneumatic electric filter ash removal
  • Silo vehicle loading facility
Bulk Material
Bulk Material Grain size Moisture content Bulk density Temperature Property
Electric filter ash 95 % < 90 µm < 0.5 % 0.4 – 0.5t/m³ Max. 200 °C abrasive
Appropriate Topics
Turn Slide Valve MVP

The one-sided sealing turn slide valve has been especially designed for pneumatic conveying as part of the STAG pressure conveying vessel technology. No other system can satisfy the high demands of this application.

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Pressure Conveying Vessel

The pressure conveying vessel is used by STAG when it comes to challenging tasks, high conveying rates and long con-veying distances. This pneumatic conveying application using the dense flow method combines energy-optimised conveying processes with perfect operational safety.

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Dense Phase Pipe "DenseFlow"

In conventional conveyances of powdered bulk materials through smooth pipes, the irregularity of the flow rises with the increasing pipe length. This in turn, increases the wear of the system.


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