Excess Pressure / Low Pressure Valve

The STAG excess / low pressure valve is used to protect containers and silos from either too high or too low pressure conditions.

If a container is exposed to excess pressure, the weight in the excess-pressure part will be pushed upwards, air will be released, and the pressure will fall. The outgoing air is led to a required location by means of a closed pipeline. This im-portant in applications where dust-contaminated exhaust air must not just be released into the environment.

If the pressure inside a container is too low, the weight in the low-pressure part will be pushed upwards, air from the sur-rounding area will flow into the container and the pressure will rise.

Essential Information

Special Characteristics – Application (USP)    


  • Adjustable, weight-loaded functional principle
  • Light, modular design
  • Set excess pressure:    +25 to +100 mbar
  • Set low pressure: -15 to -100 mbar
  • Temperatures up to 200 °C due to various sealing materials
  • Construction materials: steel or stainless steel