Closed Conveyor Belt (dustproof)

The closed STAG Conveyor Belt stands out through its dustproof design and its integrated scraper floor. With this construction method the conveyor belt can be operated by a slight vacuum.
Provided suction socket at the connectors are the interface to the dust extraction. The integrated scraper floor will be periodically connected and supports dust to the discharge point into the following aggregate. Therefore a dustproof, closed system is guaranteed.

Essential Information

Dry slag treatment:

  • 30 pcs. CB at KEZO Hinwil (ZAV) (waste-to-energy power plant)
  • 3 pcs. CB at ERZ Hagenholz
  • 2 pcs. CB at KVA Horgen

Special Characteristics – Application (USP)

  • Closed design, dustproof
  • Self-cleaning through scraper floor


  • Waste-to-energy power plants Slag treatment
  • Steel industry
  • Cement industry
Technical Specifications
Appropriate Topics
Coarse Particle Separator with Vertical Blinds

Coarse particle separators are used in mechanical conveying processes of bulk products in order to eliminate larger particles (impurities). The benefits are an improved operational safety of the conveying system, which can be reduced in size after the coarse particle separator.

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Das Container Handling von STAG ermöglicht ein automatisiertes und staubdichtes Abfüllen von Abrollcontainern. Mit der Verfahr- und Kippstation wird der Container geneigt und damit ein idealer Füllgrad erreicht.

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Pressure Conveying Vessel

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