Big Bag Filling Station

The four loops big bags are filled while hanging, the lifting movement being transferred to the load frame fitted with four vertically adjustable load hooks by means of a guide slide run by maintenance-free plastic rollers. The guide slide may either be driven electrically, hydraulically or manually. A ventilation pipe located outside to the product filling tube is integrated in the filler head.


The big bag filling station is suited for the admission and filling of big bags provided with a four-point suspension manufactured according to the DIN 55461 standard. It is possible to use big bags between 1 m3  and 2 m3.


The big bag filling station may be provided with a weighing cell on top or not. The available design variants range from a simple manual operation to an automatic system.

Essential Information

Special Characteristics – Application (USP)

  • Very low floor space requirements and thus, maximum operation area for standard pallet trucks
  • Integrated level detector
  • Bah clamp
  • May be equipped with active dust removal system
  • With roller track, 1 palette in the preliminary phase, 5 palettes retrofittable subsequently
Technical Specifications
Appropriate Topics
Big Bag Aufnahmekreuz

Das Big-Bag Aufnahmekreuz ist eine Schweisskonstruktion, welche in den letzten 50 Jahren seitens STAG immer weiter verfeinert worden ist. Die gefederten Karabiner erleichtens das ein und abhängen des Big Bags.

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Das Einsatzgebiet des Befülladapters ist sehr vielfältig. STAG setzt diesen unter anderem bei dem Notaustrag von Entaschungssystemen ein.

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Gate Valve

STAG offers a selected range of special gate valves in their product portfolio. All gate valves are designed and manufactured for customer-specific demands. At the request of customers the engineering special products are Europe-wide in use.

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