Big Bag Uptake Cross

The Big-Bag Uptake Cross is a welded construction, which has been further refined by STAG during the last 50 years. The spring-loaded karabiners simplify the hanging in an out of the Big Bags. The bag clamp ensures that the dust exposure is reduced to a minimum. For an eventual necessary extraction there is also a connection provided.

Essential Information


  • > 50 pieces in operation worldwide 
  • diverse emergency ash removals
  • Big Bag filling station

Special Features – Applications  (USP’s)        

  • with inflatable clamp extendable
  • different dimensions
  • spring loaded Big Bag Absorption


  • Waste to Energy
  • Power Plants
  • Steel Plants
  • Building Materials Industry
  • Paper Industry
  • etc.
Technical Specifications
Appropriate Topics
Filling Adapter

The Filling Adapter has a very wide field of application. STAG uses this system, among other things, for the emergency discharge of ash removal systems.

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